Review: Silent Horror

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Band: Silent Horror10500270_682195735189147_2337034138451104287_n

Album: Self-Titled

Track List:

  1. Son of Frankenstein    11. Teenage Homicide
  2. Drink of Your Blood    12. Equilibrium
  3. The Tingler               13. Giant Monsters
  4. Carnival of Souls         14. Beware
  5. Violent Side               15. Mr. Brooks
  6. Paranormal                16. Wretched I Am
  7. Grindhouse Ride         17. Chainsaw
  8. Wolfsbane
  9. Bride to Be
  10. Evil Dead


I just want to start off by saying, I’m so glad this album finally got announced. It was getting hard keeping these songs a secret. Unless you were hiding away in your cave yesterday you saw the internet blow up about the announcement of not only the return of Silent Horror, but their return with none other than creepy uncle Argyle Goolsby. When I was first told of what was coming, I figured it would create waves through horror-punk family and it did just that. Never before has my news feed blown up about something like that in a long long time. Silent Horror is Argyle Goolsby (Vocals/bass), Brandall Rector (drums/vocals), and Brent Hajny (guitars/vocals). This three piece band of seasoned musicians released their debut album and what a debut it was. In 24 hours their page jumped to over 2000 likes. I think its safe to say, the people were pleased.

Upon my first listen to this album all the way through after I was given a copy, I found myself putting it on repeat for the rest of the day. Trying to keep it a secret became increasingly harder the closer it came to the announcement. This album had to have been on the top of my most anticipated album and I was not disappointed at all. I’ve heard most of these songs back when Silent Horror was around before, but this time around with Goolsby at the helm, it just seems to have much more energy. This album has everything you could want, songs about horror films, catchy chorus’s, harmonies, bad ass beats, I mean the list goes on.

After hearing this album, I can’t wait to see what else these guys have in store and to hear these songs live. With this album only officially being out a day and getting the response that it did is a good indicator that these guys will be around for awhile.  Silent Horror’s debut show will be at Ghouls Night Out in Fayetteville, North Carolina on August 9th. I highly suggest you go buy your tickets and see a kick ass show. So go on over to Silent Horror’s page, get this cd, buy some merch, and prepare yourselves for one kick ass album.

Band: Beneath The Cellar

Album: Lesions10556232_808481309176377_4164067715766190008_n

Track List:

  1. Lesion Unleashed
  2. This Tattered Heart
  3. Tonight Pt 1
  4. Drag Me Down
  5. Dementia 13
  6. Tonight Pt 2
  7. Graveyard Breeze
  8. Corpse of a Dying World
  9. Long Past Due Surrender
  10. Eaten Alive
  11. Evil Means
  12. Friday Night Massacre
  13. Broken Mirrors

Coming all the way across the states from where I’m currently typing from comes a horror-punk band that calls California home, that band would be Beneath the Cellar. If you’ve listened to Beneath the Cellar before than you are use to the fast pace punk rock sound they bring, this album brings that back and I personally think this one has a faster pace than Taste of the Blade, their last release had. I have been patiently waiting for new music from these guys for quite some time and this album was worth the wait.

Beneath the Cellar is one of those bands I really wish would come out this way and play, they’re such a talented band, I feel they’re very underrated within the music scene. If you’re looking for a good, high energy album to listen to then look no further. I found myself listening to this album multiple times after I received it and I will continue to play it often. One of my favorites off this release would have to be “This Tattered Heart”. The energy that comes from that song just catches you and has you drumming on whatever is in front of you.

This year has been filled with a lot of new tunes from bands old and new and I can say, this album is on my top “2014 release” list. If you’ve never listened to these guys before, I highly suggest you do so. Hopefully one day these guys will go on tour and play in your town, but until then, just enjoy the album and if you can make it to any of their shows around California, DO IT!

Band: Reckless Dodgers10448772_475250842577699_3368497233181514030_n

Album: Relentless

Track Listing:

  1. Sour Taste
  2. Broken
  3. Move On
  4. What Went Wrong?
  5. If It Rains
  6. Sinking Feeling
  7. Hourglass
  8. Escapè
  9. Waiting
  10. Bloodstains (Agent Orange cover)

Philly’s own Reckless Dodgers is getting ready to release their newest album “Relentless” very soon and I’ll say this, it’s worth the wait. Sometimes it takes some time for a band to find that sound that suits them just right, and I can officially say that with Andrew Winter (Lead vocals/bass), Chris Terranova (Drums/vocals) and Jason Silvester (Guitar/Vocals) Reckless Dodgers have found their sound. Don’t get me wrong I liked their last release, wasn’t what I expected but I enjoyed it. I was told by Andrew when they were recording this album that it would be heavier and he wasn’t lying. This album has that punk rock sound we all know and love.

First time I heard some of these songs, they were live and I can tell you this, if you didn’t catch these guys last time they came close, you better be damn sure to do it next time. These songs create an impressive amount of energy and watching the guys play them, it shows the energy is flowing through them. This year has been filled with kick ass new releases and very anticipated upcoming releases, but I have to admit, this one has to be up there on my list of top releases so far.

There are a couple songs off this release that I found myself able to relate to, specially “Hourglass” which is my personal favorite. Not to mention a kick ass cover of Agent Orange’s “Bloodstains” at the end. One of the things I like about their sound is that fans of all forms of punk rock can enjoy this. All in all I loved this release and am very happy to be able to tell you that you won’t be sorry about picking this album up. I can see big things in store for these guys in the future.


The Night The Dead Walk The Earth!

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Once again HorrorHound Weekend  is bringing you one of the best damn convention line ups I’ve seen! How could it get any better you ask? Well I can tell you how! March 22nd (The Saturday night of HorrorHound Weekend), from 7p.m to 1a.m, five bands will be playing across the street from the Sharonville Convention Center. Featuring Calabrese, Harley Poe, American Werewolves, Creeping Cruds, and For The Wolfs. Free to VIP and Weekend pass holders. Five great bands after a day full of horror delight, how could you possibly want to turn this down? This is looking like it will be an incredible weekend, come out and have a blast, remember, don’t be a square!


Album art by Eric Blair

Band: Ghosts Run Wild

Album: Black Sails On A Sea Of Blood

Track Listing:

  1. Headless
  2. Ghost God
  3. Double Shadow
  4. Black Sails On A Sea Of Blood
  5. Secrets In The Ground
  6. Real Wild Wraiths
  7. Invisible Entity
  8. Dead of Night
  9. My Hands of Fear
  10. Orbital Decay
  11. Do The Ghost Stomp
  12. Shadow Out of Time
  13. Way Cool
  14. Kiss The Coffin
  15. Cold and Still
  16. Restless Ghosts
  17. The Mindless Ones
  18. Black Veil (My Secret Sin)

Not going to lie, when I first put this album on and heard the first song’s sound quality, I was a bit hesitant. That sound quality now a days are really hit or miss for me, it’s hard to put out an album that isn’t crisp that people will listen to, too many picky people out there. This one…was a hit for me. I found myself digging it way more than I thought I would. This album has a very Cramps/The Horrors sound and feel to it. So if you’re a fan of either of those bands, be sure to check out this album. Some really catchy tunes from it.

Personally my favorite song off this album has to be number 11, “Do the Ghost Stomp”, It was just really catchy and a fun punk song. My second favorite song has to be #18 “Black Veil (My Secret Sin), the vocals sound to be influenced by Sparky from Demented Are Go on this song. Third favorite song for me is the title track “Black Sails On A Sea of Blood”, the beat is so damn good and the guitar riffs just have you playing air guitar as soon as you hear it. My only complaint is, I really wish the songs were a little longer, but other than that, this album was a fun listen for sure. Be sure to check out Ghosts Run Wild!

"Photo by DJ Imagery"

“Photo by DJ Imagery”

For the readers, tell us who you are and a little about the band. 
    We are Ashlee Arson, Sly Myk, Scotie Terror, and introducing once again our good friend Bebo from Scarlet Harlot & Her Handsome Devils. We live in the Antelope Valley in Southern California. We play Horror punk! YAY!

How did the band come together? How did you all meet and decide to play to style of music? 
    Well we all knew each other since high school and even then we have been trying to make music  together. We initially had this idea of playing punk rock like all the cool kids and we made some cool riffs. Unfortunately we never played a show outside of the living room, but we loved doing it. It wasn’t  till after high school we all split apart for years. Until recently Ashlee got in contact with with us all again and thus began forming ourselves into what we are now. What was funny when Scotie was introduced back into the band, he was recovering from a broken foot and even played shows with a cast on, jumping off amps and shit even though he was in utter agony after those shows. Our style of music has been tweaked and twacked from generally all of our different backgrounds of music. 

What would you say is some of your influences? 

    Ashlee and Bebo have some pretty heavy influences in punk rock, all styles. Myk has been integrated within the Psychobilly community for as long as we’ve known each other and Scotie: he’s into what he calls the “brutals”. He means metal. But all in all we all love punk rock, especially when it’s macabre and heavy. So we play what we all love. 

Has there been any shows you’ve all played that really stand out as one of the best shows? 
    Opening up for the Koffin Kats was definitely our best show to date. The crowd response was off the wall and it was just an all around great show. It was in Oakland, Ca and the people there really love their horror punk and Psychobilly so when they like you, you’ll really know it.

"Photo by DJ Imagery"

“Photo by DJ Imagery”

Is being a member of a band what you’ve always wanted to do? If not what is your dream job?

    Sly Myk, “Yeah sure I’ve always wanted to be in a band. Working sucks.”
    Bebo Responded, “Yeah,you know, I enjoy being an entertainer. You can’t put a price on the feeling of people enjoying your expression while having a good time playin’. I really believe that a smart person draws no distinction between work and play, and it would absolutely be a dream job to be in a successful band.” 
       Scot, “I love being in a band honestly, I have in a lot of different bands throughout my life. But I also like being a productive member of society. I love working and servicing people. I’m a social butterfly and love being around different types of people, but I would also love to tour the word in a band and be paid to do it. :D”
    Ashlee expressed, “Yes. This is what I see myself doing for a long time. I always knew I wanted to be an entertainer. Always. Art is very important to me so if I can travel and meet amazing people while doing something that I love, I refuse to do anything different.”

Now with you guys being relatively new to the scene, what do you see for the future of the band? 

    We are going to try and take it as far as we can. No particular checklist of things we HAVE to do before a certain amount of time. We’re just going to take it in stride. Goals of ours would definitely to play a theater. That would be awesome. 

Let’s talk band name, how did it come about? Was there any names that almost made it?
    Our old band used to be The Arsonists back when we tried the band thing in high school and Scot and Myk wanted to use it again. We were almost going to be Scarlet Harlot and the Homewreckers but no on that too. We knew we needed it to be kinda catchy and somewhat long because that makes it hard to forget. Ashlee liked the ring of Scarlet Harlot. It rhymes. It’s catchy and it is quite the opposite of her. But with in-your-face names like that, it’s hard to ignore and we couldn’t just have it be focused on one person so we broadened it a bit. Perfect.

If you could tour with any band, who would it be and why?
    Our first  band that came to mind was AFI. We are all DIEHARD AFI fans. Even covered a couple songs. The Damned, T.S.O.L., Tiger Army, Ghost and Calabrese also come to mind.

1473877_617167765008321_152891445_nLast question, what are your thoughts on the horror punk scene as a whole as of late? Have they been supportive of the band?
    The horror punk scene really isn’t the dominant scene in Southern California believe it or not but everyone we have encountered have been so incredibly supportive, both the bands and fans. They seem to really dig it and that is all we need. We love surprising people. It’s not every day they will encounter a screaming creepy sacrilegious female fronted band doused in blood. We hope to be way more involved in the worldwide horror punk scene.

Band: The Koffin KatsImage

Album: Born of the Motor

Track List:

  1. All of me Is Gone
  2. Under A Blue Sky
  3. Giving Blood
  4. Born of the Motor
  5. Devil Tales
  6. The Collector
  7. This Heart (Stays on Ice)
  8. Twist Apart
  9. The Team
  10. Goodbye Blues
  11. It’s Real
  12. Gone to See The World

I just want to start off by saying that this band continues to impress me with every release. Every album just increasingly gets better and more enjoyable to listen to. If you’ve been a part of the psychobilly scene, punk scene, horror punk scene, or any in between, chances are you’ve heard the name “Koffin Kats”. They are one of those bands that bring all types of people to their shows with their style of music.  This album is a great example of their mix of punk and rockabilly. I hear people say “If it has a stand up, it’s not punk rock.” I like to think that The Koffin Kats disprove that statement. Now enough about the band itself, lets get talking about the album.

I was such a huge fan of the last album these guys put out, so when I heard they were in the studio again I was instantly anxious for this release, and I for one am not disappointed. This album starts of with such in your face power it catches your attention instantly. With Vic’s powerful vocals, and slapping of the bass, Ian’s tasty riffs and Eric’s always impressive drum playing, every song off this release just leaves you wanting more. Even when they slow it down at the end of the album with “Gone to see the World”,  I was still blown away with how powerful it comes off.

Now with every review I like to pick my favorite songs and focus on them. I want to start off with the song mentioned above, “Gone to see the World”. This song honestly caught me off guard. I was just sitting in my room, blasting the album, tapping my foot to the beat and then everything just slows down. Now I for one am a fan of slower songs, doowop and so on. I will honestly say that this is probably my number one favorite song off this record. Reason being, it’s different for them, and I love it. Really hope it makes it onto a show’s set-list at some point. Now my 2nd favorite song off this album is number two on the track list, “Under a Blue Sky”. This song is just so powerful and catchy. I always find myself singing along to this one the most, and slapping my hand to the beat. Third off this album that I find myself repeating the most is the title track, “Born of the Motor”, this is what I always think of when I think of The Koffin Kats, fast paced, and catchy as all hell.

This is definitely one of my top releases of 2013, this entire year has been full of fantastic album releases. I can’t wait to hear some of these songs live. If they come to your town, do yourself a favor and go see them play. One of the best bands I’ve seen play live. I know they will continue to put out great tunes for years to come. Born of the Motor gets two big thumbs up from me!

"Photo by: ItWaits Art"

“Photo by: ItWaits Art”

Josh- For those reading these who don’t know who you are, introduce yourself and tell us what you do.

Rod- My name is Rod Usher, I’m the singer for – what some people call -„Europe’s most popular Horror Punk Band“. We’re out of Cologne, Germany and have been scaring people since 2002.

Josh- What would you say is some of your influences?

Rod- Obviously the Misfits, Danzig and Samhain. But I’m also a huge KISS-Fan and you will also find quite a bit of Iron Maiden in our sound. Overall I’d say it’s a mix of Misfits, Danzig, The Damned, The Cult, Type O Negative and Iron Maiden.

Josh- When did you decide that you wanted to start a band?

Rod- I’ve been playing in bands since I was a teenager. I started out on guitar but switched to the mike when we did a Misfits-Coverband („Ghouls“) just for fun. I worked out and I reamained on Vocals. Before THE OTHER the most popular band was a Grindcore-band called FORCED TO DECAY. But we’ve been doing THE OTHER for 11 years now and I could think of nothing else that is so much fun.

Josh- Now you guys play a lot of festivals it seems, what have been some of your favorite and why?

Rod- We’ve played the WACKEN OPEN AIR which is the biggest Metal-Festival in the world, so that was amaazing. But we’re also regulars at festivals like Mera Luna, Amphi, Wave Gotik Treffen, Summer Breeze, etc. We played with HUGE bands at these festivals…from Iron Maiden and Mötley Crüe to Sisters of Mercy and many others. We also supported acts like Alice Cooper, The Cult, The 69 Eyes, The Damned, Misfits, etc. at their headliner shows on a regular basis. Some of the best memories were meeting Alice Cooper after our show or rocking thousands of people who came just for our Headliner Set at Wave Gotik Treffen. And don’t forget the backstage parties….Wow… Some great memories.

Josh- What are some of your favorite horror movies? What was one of the first horror movies you can remember seeing?

"Photo By: ItWaits Art"

“Photo By: ItWaits Art”

Rod- The first horror movie I saw was a Frankenstein movie from Hammer. Can’t remember which one exactly but it had Peter Cushing in it. I was scared shitless. But what really got me were “Tarantula”, “The Creature from the black Lagoon” and “The Incredible Shrinking man”, when they where shown on TV here in Germany, followed by interviews with director Jack Arnold. Those are still my favorite movies. Others include “The Shining”, “The Exorcist”, “Bride of Frankenstein”, the original “Nosferatu”, and “The Blair Witch Project”

Josh- Now I know you guys played here in the U.S awhile back, did you guys enjoy it and what was one of your favorite experiences here in the states?

Rod- It was amazing really. We played only eight shows but each and everyone was special. We met such great people and had an overwhelming response. Places like Corona, Santa Cruz, Sacramento and Hollywood were especially good, with hundreds of people showing up. When we started out playing music we always wanted to play the Sunset Strip – and we did. In front of 500 people. But the coolest experience was probably playing the Navajo Reservation in Chinle, Arizona. We played their chapter-house. No stage, no lights, but kids who went crazy. And then we partied in the hotel room with a dozens of cool people.

Josh- While we are on the top of shows in the U.S, I think I speak for all here in the U.S horror punk scene, do you guys have any plans in the near future to come and play again in America?

Rod- We were invited to play next years „Ghouls night out“-Festival in Santa Cruz but the flights from Germany to L.A. were way to expensive – around $7.500 for the five of us – so we had to cancel. Plus we need to find a new bassist, record a new album and all kinds of other things. But maybe we can do something in the the fall of 2014 or the spring of 2015. We will come back, that’s for sure.

Josh- If you weren’t a member of The Other, what do you think you’d be doing?

Rod- I have a regular job as a creative director in an advertising agency. Before I was in the adult-entertainment-Industry as a Press-Manager and Editor for 8 years and before that I worked for a record label. I’ve been doing stuff since I finished school and all during university. But I still dream of playing music full-time!

Josh- If you could tour with any band, past or present, who would it be and why?the other

Rod- KISS! Because I’ve been a fan since I was nine.

Josh- Now I know this can be a hard question to answer, but out of all the albums, which has been your favorite?

Rod- The last two albums, and – if you want only one album – the last one („The Devils you know“). The production, the songwriting, the vocals, the diversity….everything comes into place on this CD (well actually on „New Blood“ as well). I really hope we can record another album like the last two.

Josh- Last question, what does the future hold for The Other?

Rod- We’ve actually had the worst year in the history of the band this year. Sarge our guitarist quit, Victor is quitting in November, we had to cancel a huge three week tour with a well-known German Punk-band….all this and other things. So 2014 can only be better. If our friends and fans still support us, we will record a new album and then really tour and play shows. We’ve done that way less than we wanted because of everybody’s job and family-plans but now that we have great new and young guys in the band, we can continue our plan to take over the world!

Band: Harley Poe1237161_10151890173088060_308351747_n

Album: Pagan Holiday

Track Listing:

  1. Vengeance the Demon/ Close The Door / Outcrowd
  2. Gorehound
  3. Halloween Theme Song
  4. Pagan Holiday, pt. 1, 2, & 3: A Celebration/ Dormant/ Revenge
  5. Paint It Black
  6. Terror Trippin’ 2


Harley Poe is definitely a unique horror band, in a good way of course. If you’ve never heard of Harley Poe, they are a a folk/horror band. So it’s horror punk with a folk style sound. In my opinion these guys are very underrated and should be bigger than they are. They’ve recently been playing multiple horror conventions in the Midwest, which they fit perfectly. Now onto the album, what more can I say other than, Holy Sh*t, this album  is incredible! This band keeps getting better and better. Always enjoy listening to these guys! This album is a perfect sound track for the Halloween season.


The album starts out with a great line from the horror flick Pumpkinhead then enters into a powerful instrumental intro that I was not expected. So heavy and so damn good!  This release includes two covers, one of probably the most known horror theme song in the history of horror, can you guess what it is? The Halloween theme song, I highly enjoy their take on it. The other cover is of one of the more well known Rolling Stones songs “Paint It Black”. My favorite song personally though is track number 2 “Gorehound”. The song fits perfect with my life and my love for horror!


Just in time for Halloween, don’t miss out on this album. If your a fan of folk rock, punk rock, or just horror movies in general, you will want to check these guys out! They’re definitely unique and talented. Thumbs up!


Band: CalabreseCalabrese born with

Album: Born With a Scorpion’s Touch

Track List:

  1. American Rebel Death Riders
  2. Born With a Scorpion’s Touch
  3. I Wanna Be a Vilgilante
  4. At Night I Am the Warmest
  5. Loner At Heart
  6. Mindwarp
  7. Danger
  8. Ride With the Living Dead
  9. Only the Dead Know My Name
  10. I Ride Alone
  11. There Is an Evil Inside

If you’re part of the horror rock scene then you have at least heard the name “Calabrese”, no it’s not an Italian horror director! Calabrese has made a name for themselves the past several years, with numerous album releases and constant touring. Born With A Scorpion’s Touch is my favorite album of theirs since 2007 release of The Traveling Vampire Show, that doesn’t mean I don’t like the others, it just means that this one stands out the most to me. When I did an interview with Bobby and Jimmy back in August, Bobby said “…we drew a lot of inspiration from 70′s biker flicks, rebellion and 60′s Americana.”, which when listening to this album I feel as if I’m riding a motorcycle through the fiery planes of Hell.


Everything about this album is solid! Each track has the ability to make you want to just blast this through your speakers while you’re driving down a deserted highway at night. Jimmy and Bobby’s vocals together, as usual, are fantastic along with the guitar and bass and of course Davey’s drumming is heavy and straight up thunderous. One of the most powerful songs on this album in my opinion is “I Ride Alone”. Personally my favorite songs off the album has to be “I Wanna Be A Vigilante”, this song is a different pace than the others, maybe that’s why it stands out to me, but I can’t quit listening to it. All in all this album gets TMSU’s thumb up!


If you haven’t heard of Calabrese and are reading this, this is a great album to start with! Calabrese is one of the staples of horror rock and continue to impress and make my ears happy. I can’t wait to see what else these guys have in store for the future. If they come anywhere near you on tour, be sure to go see them. You won’t be sorry!