Andrew Winters and the Reckless Dodgers.

Posted: July 18, 2012 in Reviews

The other day I received a copy of Andrew Winters and the Reckless Dodgers demo from Stripes himself and I’ve been listening to it constantly. All around its a good demo and leaves you wanting more. I for one am not usually a fan of this style of music (not 100% sure what to call it) but for once I actually found a band that can keep my attention. Honestly once I got home from the show I put the disc into my cd player and listened to it multiple times through.  It also includes a cover of a Mister Monster great “This Night I Call Bad Luck”. Now I’m some what picky when it comes to cover songs, but this one I really like and when I say that you can take that to the bank.

Andrew is currently on tour playing drums for Blitzkid on their final tours. I personally like the lineup for their final tour. If you go out and see Blitzkid one last time, (which if they come anyway near you at all, even if you have to travel a couple hours, it’s worth it trust me.), find Stripes and grab a copy of this demo while they last. I can not wait to hear what else is in store with this band. Keep an eye on them, I have a feeling they are going to do great things.


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