Review: Little Miss Stakes “Bela Lugosi’s Pro Skater 3”

Posted: October 28, 2012 in Reviews

Artist: Little Miss StakesImage

Album: Bela Lugosi’s Pro Skater 3

Track List:

  1. Play with the Dead
  2. Dr. Frankenstein
  3. Samara
  4. Spastic Zombie

Now maybe I don’t pay enough attention to where bands are from or maybe I do and there just aren’t many horror punk bands coming from Northern Ireland, so when I heard these guys were from Belafast it caught my attention.

All In all this was a good album. The first song “Play with the dead”, which also happens to be my favorite song off the album, is a great song to start off with. An awesome intro, and heavy cords. Also, what’s not to love about the album cover. Bela on a skateboard? Come on it’s awesome! Not t

I think it’s awesome to see a horror punk band coming from Northern Ireland. I’m looking forward to seeing what else comes from this band.
Check them out!


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